Bringing designs to life… Offering Multiple 3D rough and finish, Maximising material utilisation with automatic nesting functionality. Parts can be selected from the screen or a kit of parts, their orientation fixed or rotated to any angle.

Our designers import data from a wide variety of exchange formats including Parasolid, IGES, STEP, DXF, DWG, STL files.

This software helps in visualising the final product that is to be made and can give animation to see how the actual product will work, helping the designer & client to make modifications if required.

CAD helps in synthesising, analysing, and documenting the design. All these factors help in improving the productivity. That translates into fast designing, lower designing cost and shorter project completion times. Very large files can be handled with ease and when working with complex designs.

Since our CAD systems offer greater accuracy, the errors are reduced in the designed product leading to better design. Eventually, better design helps carrying out manufacturing faster and reducing the wastage that could have occurred.